Wine cellar

We have farmer origins, our physical contact with land and vine represents therefore our breath.

Our vineyards require constant efforts, they are however a source of pride. They include and express all our resources and knowledge.

This means an incessant research for improvement and a deep knowledge of our cultivated habitat. Thus, our vines, handled month after month, give an excellent production with a unique character of juicy bunches.

Beginning from 2003, thanks to the construction of a crushing and improving cellar, all our grapes become different kinds of wines.

Our sensitive and careful techniques respect the typical characteristic and the soundness of grapes and musts; Our procedure leads to limit any oxidation and lets our new wines be ageworthy and full of aroma. The cellar is always tidy and clean with constant sanitization. Keeping up with the times, the facility is provided with photovoltaic panels for energy self-production and with a system of biological treatment of wastewater.

The cellar
and the vineyards

Enjoy a walk through our vineyards and the hills close to lake Garda.

The countryside management is careful, the vineyards are trained with vertical shoot positioning, with guyot pruning system or with the traditional pergola, both simple and double.

In the about 20 hectares of the estate, native vine varieties such as Corvina Veronese, Corvinone, Rondinella, Garganega and Cortese or the international ones such as Merlot or Cabernet are cultivated; our olives are Casaliva, Frantoio, Leccio and Grignano.

The cellar Le Ginestre offers the opportunity to visit the Wine Shop with direct sale of products: wine, oil and grappa.

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