Le Ginestre Lazise - Segreto rosato

Segreto Sparkling Wine Rosé Dry

Production area: Lake Garda – Lazise – vineyard “Luisa”
Soil: sandy-loamy soil, with high stone contents
Grape growing system: simple pergola
Vine stocks per hectare: average 6000
Vine variety: Barbera 80%, Corvina 20%
Harvest time: middle September
Method of harvesting: hand-harvesting in large crates suitable for a delicate handling of the grapes.

Vinification: grapes are pressed within the day and the
related juice is obtained. Induced alcoholic fermentation
with selected yeasts and thermally controlled between 12°C
and 14°C for two weeks. In spring, after cleaning decanting,
the wine is transformed in sparkling thanks to a second
fermentation in isobaric tanks. Isobaric bottling and bottle
ageing of almost three months represent the last two steps
before the consumption.

Tasting and gastronomic notes: captivating wine having an
important character typical of its origin grapes. Nose and
palate offer a combination of citrus fruit, flowers and balsamic
hints. The bubble does not drown the wine character out,
rather highlights it leading to a mint finish with a clean and
fresh palate.
Ideal both as an aperitif and with risotto, sweet and salty
Alcohol content: 12,5 % Vol.
Consumption is recommended within 24 months following the
harvest, wine to be served at 8°C in glasses with tapered bowl
and closed rim. Store in cool and dark places.