Le Ginestre Lazise - Poiché brut

Poiché Sparkling Wine Brut

Production area: Lake Garda – Lazise – vineyard “Vignalin”
Soil: sandy-loamy soil, with a slight presence of stones
Grape growing system: vertical shoot positioning
Vine stocks per hectare: 4500
Vine variety: Cortese 80%, Garganega 20%
Harvest time: middle September
Method of harvesting: hand-harvesting in large crates suitable for a delicate handling of the grapes

Vinification: grapes are pressed within the day and the
related juice is obtained. Induced alcoholic fermentation
with selected yeasts and thermally controlled between 12°C
and 14°C for two weeks. In spring, after cleaning decanting,
the wine is transformed in sparkling thanks to a second
fermentation in isobaric tanks. Isobaric bottling and bottle
aging of almost three months represent the last two steps
before the consumption.

Tasting and gastronomic notes: fresh and sparkling wine with a pleasant and simple approach. Nose and palate offer fresh and fruity sensations. Glossy bubbles do not drown the related wine structure and length out.
Ideal to accompany aperitif especially rich in greasy and oily dishes. Excellent to fried foods.
Alcohol content: 12,5 % Vol.
Consumption is recommended within 24 months following the harvest, wine to be served at 8°C in glasses with tapered bowl and closed rim. Store in cool and dark places.